Ohio conducts monitoring and notification of bacteria and algal toxins at selected state park beaches and boat ramps, and semi-private beaches located along the Ohio Lake Erie border, inland lakes and the Ohio River. The purpose of beach, lake and river monitoring is to test water quality of the state’s swimming beach waters and boat access area’s to notify the public whenever bacteria or algal toxin levels presen a potential health risk to those engaged in water activities. BeachGuard provides data on bacterial and algal toxin advisories and monitoring activity.

More information on harmful algal blooms and algal toxins can be found at www.ohioalgaeinfo.com.

Ohio Beaches and Water Access Points

26 Advisories

Bacteria Contamination Alert

Posted when the level of bad bacteria in the water has reached unsafe levels and could make you sick. Children, the elderly and those in ill health or weakened immune systems are advised not to swim.

Recreational Public Health Advisory

WARNING - An algal bloom is present and/or algal toxins have been detected. Swimming and wading are not recommended for: children, pregnant or nursing women, those with certain medical conditions and pets. For more information go to www.ohioalgaeinfo.com or call 1-866-644-6224

Elevated Recreational Public Health Advisory

DANGER - Avoid all contact with the water. Algal toxins at unsafe levels have been detected. For more information go to www.ohioalgaeinfo.com or call 1-866-644-6224

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147 Public Beaches
10 Private Beaches