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Ohio Lead Hazardous Properties
Properties with Notices of Non-Compliance/Orders to Vacate for Lead Hazards
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The Ohio Lead Hazardous Properties dataset contains a searchable list of properties in Ohio whose owners have refused to comply with an order from the Ohio Department of Health or its delegated local board of health to correct known lead hazards.

Search for properties in the Data View using the "Query Builder." Click "Map It" on a property row to see it displayed on a map.

All properties may be seen by clicking "Run" on the Map View.

As a result of their non-compliance, property owners have been issued an order to vacate these properties. They contain known lead hazards and have been declared unsafe for human occupation, especially for children younger than six years old and pregnant women. This means that no person should be living in these properties until the identified lead hazards have been corrected, the properties pass a clearance examination, and the lead hazard control order has been lifted by the Ohio Department of Health or its delegated local board of health.

If you have any questions, please contact the Ohio Department of Health or its delegated local board of health. Contact information is provided next to each property listed on the "Data View" tab.

This list of properties with known lead hazards is updated daily.

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