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This tool is intended to provide a “one stop shop” to search, filter, and extract information for all licensed healthcare facilities within the State of Ohio. Examples of provider types include, but are not limited to the following:

  • AS - Ambulatory Surgical Center
  • CI - Correctional Institution
  • CL - Clinic
  • CT- Chemical Treatment
  • DU - Dialysis Unit
  • EM - Emergency Medical Service
  • FA - First Aid Department
  • HH - Home Health Care
  • HS - Hospital
  • IM - Imaging / Diagnostic
  • LA - Laboratory
  • MG - Medical Gas Services
  • MH - Mental Health
  • NH - Nursing Home
  • PC - Practitioner Corporation
  • PMC - Pain Management Clinic
  • PS - Pharmacy Services
  • PT - Physical Therapy
  • TE - Teaching
  • UR - Urgent Care
*Data for this facility lookup tool is provided by the Ohio Board of Pharmacy and the Ohio Department of Health.

Data View Tab:

The Data View tab is utilized to search, filter, view and sort healthcare facilities and providers throughout Ohio. This tab offers the ability to filter by facility type, location and several other filters. In addition, clicking on the “Show It” link will provide additional details for the selected facility.

Users can export a filtered list, and download as a CSV file. This can be accomplished by clicking the “Export” button located just above the data on the right side of the page.

Map View Tab:

To load the map, click on the “Run” link. Users will have the ability to zoom and pan the map. Any filters applied within the Data View tab will be transferred to the Map View. Additional filters can be added within the Map View by utilizing the Proximity filter located on the left side of the map. Please see the map help file for instructions on using the Proximity Filter tool. The help file can be accessed by clicking on the help icon located on the right side just above the map.

Query Builder
Select a filter from the drop-down menu below to narrow search results. Add additional filters by clicking on the "+" icon below. To remove a filter, click on the "X' icon next to the filter.

Many filter options have a list of values to choose from. You can scroll through the drop-down menu to select value options, or you can begin typing the value you are looking for in the search bar. Checking "Select All" will clear any previous selections you have made.

When you have selected the items you’d like to filter, click the "Filter" button below. Any time you add, remove, or change any of the filter values, remember to click the "Filter" button. The list results will not change unless you do so.

Note: Multiple comparisons between variables are always performed using the "AND" operator.
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